Sara Simboli   

Born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Sara Simboli is in a multi-generation tradition of artists. Her inspiration began with her parents, who work together as Simboli Design, her brother, Tim Simboli, and several relatives working as professional artists.

After formal art training at Maryland Institute College of Art, Sara studied for seven years with Frank Mason at New York City's Art Students League. There, she learned to paint the figure and still-lifes, as well as techniques of making her own archival mediums, gesso and surfaces using time-honored recipes. During the summer months, she also spent time with Mason learning to paint landscapes plein-air in Vermont. In this period of studying the craft of painting, she developed a great love for 17th century Dutch paintings of all genres, which has been a continuing source of inspiration for her.

Sara has exhibited throughout the northeast U.S. and in Arizona, in a variety of venues: galleries, academic institutions, art clubs, auctions and private art shows.

Sara wishes to convey to people the beauty of their existence through her pictorial language and show how light is a penetrating force in daily life. Her work is about trying to understand the magical properties of light. How form is revealed out of darkness into light has become her creative quest. Each subject matter possesses a material and immaterial side through the accidents of the object (light, shape, color etc.) becoming alive and understood. For example, the volume of a porcelain vase in a still-life seems to expand and contract at the same time once light hits the vase. There is a mysterious interchange with the light on the surface of the vase. And this is what completely captivates her: this immaterial or transcendental side of the subject matter that is elusive, yet ever present. She believes themes such as these are the ones to uplift the human spirit and is art's greatest achievement.


Sara's paintings are shown in Gallery1 and Gallery2. If you are interested in purchasing, or licensing Sara's artwork for prints or for applications in other formats, please contact her at