Sara Simboli

Tim Simboli
A Philadelphia regional artist, Tim Simboli is a fourth generation painter, born into a family immersed in the arts. His great-grandfather, Pietro, studied fine arts in Rome and worked as a muralist, painter and sculptor in the United States. Pietro's son, Ray, was a painting professor at Carnegie-Mellon University. Tim's father, Joseph Simboli, was one of three grandchildren who became professional artists. He and his wife, Gerry, graduated from the University of the Arts and established Simboli Design.

Andrew Simboli
Born into a family of four generations of artists, I was exposed to visual arts from an early age. These early experiences fuel my photography.

Alchemist® Inc.
"Makers of a variety of historical amber and non-amber based varnishes and co-polymerized drying oil mediums made according to historical recipes found in the 17th century notes of such painters and writers as John Smith, Edward Norgate, Sir Anthony van Dyck, and Sir Theodore Turquet De Mayerne. These painting mediums can be mixed separately or together with tube paints or powdered pigments to achieve optical effects and transparency of color lost to artists since the time of Rubens, Rembrandt and Van Eyck. Using these varnishes and mediums it is possible to paint in oil alone the finest lines and details, one layer over the other, wet into wet, in a vertical position, without running or disturbing lower layers and without the use or addition of egg or tempera mixtures of any kind." - Donald Fels

If you wish to have painting mediums of unparalleled, exquisite quality which will provide a permanent and glowing effect, please take some time to explore their site.

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